Anchorage Community Concert Band welcomes players of all levels and all instruments, we ask members to make a commitment to the necessary practice (both at home and especially in rehearsal) to be a contributing musician in the band. We need band members to faithfully commit to rehearsals, however if you will not be attending for any reason please contact the director and your section leader.

Maintaining active membership in the band is important with attendance but in addition semester fees need to be paid. Dues are $60.00 per individual and $45.00 for students enrolled in high school and college. The membership fee partially supports operational expenses, such as facility fees for rehearsals and performances, development and maintenance of music library (including literature, folders, copy paper, printing) and other office supplies. Fees are due the second rehearsal of each semester.

Each band member will have their own music folder to take home and bring back to rehearsal. If there is not music available to take home, please let us know and we will have a folder for you at the next rehearsal. Please remember to take your music home and not leave it in the band room.

Most of the rehearsals are at East High School. A calendar will be posted with dates for rehearsal locations if changes are needed. Rehearsals begin promptly at 7:00 pm and ends at 9:00 pm. Please arrive 10 minutes early to warm up. 

Traditionally we have two formal concerts per year, one in December and the other in the spring. Other concerts may be scheduled throughout the year depending on community involvement and needs.

Concert dress will be all black. Men may wear black shirts, black pants, black shoes and socks and optional black tie. Women may wear black shirts, pants, tea length or longer skirts or dresses with black shoes. Please prepare and plan accordingly.

By-Laws and the Code of Conduct are part of Anchorage Community Concert Band membership. 

Code of Conduct

The Anchorage Community Concert Band enjoys an invaluable reputation with all members of the public who frequent their performances. This reputation has been developed over a long period of time based on honesty and integrity, and the way in which band members conduct themselves at band engagements. All band members play a crucial role in the sustaining of, and further development of, this reputation.

The ACCB also prides itself on its tradition of open acceptance, with people from varying personal, as well as musical, backgrounds. As such, this code of conduct serves as a guideline of acceptable behavior for its members as they participate in band functions or conduct official band-related business. This code is not intended to serve as an exhaustive list.

Attendance at rehearsals is necessary to prepare the best possible performances. While participation in the ACCB is purely voluntary, it is expected that band members attend rehearsals and are punctual in their attendance. Additionally, it is expected that members are practicing outside of rehearsal as needed to be prepared at scheduled rehearsals.

Professionalism and courtesy towards fellow band members. This includes behavior during rehearsal which is disruptive such as excessive talking or excessive playing after the conductor has stopped the band.

Conflicts and differences of opinion should be addressed at the lowest level possible (i.e. with individual(s) directly). If a conflict requires escalation, members should notify the board president, the conductor, or another board member who will then assist in seeking a resolution.

Respect towards rehearsal and performance facilities. ACCB utilizes public facilities for nearly all rehearsals and performances, typically with access to school district percussion gear and other instruments. As such, care must be taken to ensure facilities and equipment being used are left in, at a minimum, the same condition in which they were prior to use.

Members are to be held responsible for personal guests brought to rehearsals ensuring they follow applicable rules as stated above.

Don’t forget to have fun!

Members of the Board of Directors, and other band members acting directly as representatives or agents of the Board, are expected to not only uphold but set the example when adhering to this Code.